Fats, Oils and Grease Are a Leading Cause of Sewer Blockages

Our Lafayette, LA-based waste remediation company can help you avoid backups

When you cook a steak or prepare fried food, you inevitably deal with fats, oils, grease and solids. Also known as FOGS, these substances can solidify and accumulate in sewer pipe walls and wastewater treatment facilities, leading to blockages and even burst sewer lines. So, you must hire a waste remediation company to dispose of FOGS.

Apex Environmental Solutions is a leading provider of non-hazardous waste disposal services in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas. When you hire us, you...

  • Won't pay a fortune for grease trap cleaning services
  • Will be disposing of used cooking oil, butter and grease properly
  • Will be supporting a locally owned and operated waste remediation company


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OdorFix GL liquifies grease and eliminates odors

OdorFix GL liquifies grease and eliminates odors

If you've ever owned a garbage disposal, you know how foul decomposing food can smell. To get rid of odors caused by non-hazardous waste, we use a formula we developed ourselves.

OdorFix GL is designed to...

  • Liquefy grease
  • Neutralize odor-causing compounds
  • Reduce the time and labor required to remove blockages


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You can't afford to close your food processing facility due to clogged pipelines. We can send water jetting specialists to your location at any time to remove a blockage, allowing you to continue business as usual.

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