Grease Trap Cleaning

Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning So Important?

Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning So Important?

Prevent sewer blockages at your business in the Lafayette, LA area

A grease trap is designed to catch fats, oils, grease and solids before these substances enter city sewer lines. Proper drainage hinges on regular grease trap cleaning. Turn to Apex Environmental Solutions for grease trap services in Lafayette, LA or a surrounding area.

You can count on us to...

  • Remove all debris in your grease trap
  • Remove any solids from the walls
  • Provide a detailed manifest for your records

Contact us today to prevent grease from clogging your outbound lines and causing unpleasant odors.

We may recommend additional services as needed

Although frequent grease trap cleaning can extend your equipment's service life, it won't make your grease trap last forever. When providing grease trap services in the Lafayette, LA area, we'll be sure to look for signs of wear and tear. We can then determine if your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

Call 337-989-2863 now to get an expert opinion about your grease trap's condition.