Used Cooking Oil Recovery

Empty Your Fryers Responsibly

Empty Your Fryers Responsibly

Arrange for used cooking oil disposal services in the Lafayette, LA area

You can't just dump gallons of used cooking oil down the sink. Doing so could clog your pipelines and cause a backup. Outsource your used cooking oil disposal to Apex Environmental Solutions of Lafayette, LA so you can get rid of non-hazardous waste the right way.

We can stop by as often as needed to keep your business running smoothly. Call 337-989-2863 now to get reliable cooking oil disposal services in the Acadiana area.

How our cooking oil disposal program works

We've made it easy to empty and dispose of the used cooking oil from your fryers. All you have to do is request an appointment via the Schedule page.

Our Lafayette, LA-based team will then...

  • Drop off a used cooking oil disposal container at your location free of charge
  • Pick up the full barrels on a set schedule for your convenience
  • Dispose of your used cooking oil properly

Got questions about our cooking oil disposal methods? Ask away - we're available 24/7 to assist you.